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Bursa Travel Guide | Historical Places

Hi Dear Friends;

Usually; I’m writing everything on this blog in Turkish. But I wanted to write to the city that I fell in love with all its details in English.

Bursa was the largest capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is beautiful with its green and it is a wonderful city where you will enjoy touring.

Bursa is not only a historic city but also a beautiful city with entertainment and nightlife. I was born and raised in Bursa and I can’t wait to tell you about this wonderful city where I live.


Bursa was home to hundreds of civilizations. Every civilization has lived its own wonderful works in Bursa.

Now I’m enjoying telling you this.

Since it will be quite a large article, you can reach the category you want from the “Table of Contents” (İçindekiler) section below.

I don’t want to tell about “how you can come to Bursa”.. Because of, you can use of all bus companies, ferry companies for easy come to Bursa

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