Hi Everybody;

I am writing in English again on my blog, which I constantly write in Turkish.

Scam sites are increasing day by day and do not seem to end. Because making these websites is quite cheap and anyone can do it.

Be wary of sites that say they make a high level of profit in a short time.

If you encounter a scam website, please send an e-mail to [email protected] I can both review the site for you and add my blog.

Okay.. Let’s Start… 

1-) How Do You Know When a Website Is a Scam?

There are dozens of methods for this. But you can find it in the simplest ways.

For example, let’s examine the website https://dashcoininvest.com/ ..

They say that websites have been active for 5675 days. Of course, they’re kidding children.



First, let’s see how many days this website has been active.  I’m writing this article on 16/07/2020 and this website made been active 16 days ago from PANAMA! You can check this domain details from here.. https://whois.domaintools.com/dashcoininvest.com  .. Also, their phone number seems as +507.8365503 and +51.17057182 .. Of course, it would be different people’s phone numbers. 


And now I am checking codes for you..


<div class=”grettingMain cfix“>
  <div class=”infoGrettingMain“>
  <div class=”circleLogostyle=”background-image:url(/assets/img/circle-logo.png)“>
  <div class=”item“>
  <span class=”iconstyle=”background-image:url(/assets/img/icon-gretting1.png)“></span>
  <span class=”val“>5675</span>
  <span class=”desr“>Total Days Online</span>
  <div class=”item“>
  <span class=”iconstyle=”background-image:url(/assets/img/icon-gretting2.png)“></span>
  <span class=”val“>4204</span>
  <span class=”desr“>Total Investors</span>
  <div class=”item“>
  <span class=”iconstyle=”background-image:url(/assets/img/icon-gretting3.png)“></span>
  <span class=”val“>$8017764.86</span>
  <span class=”desr“>Total Investments so far</span>


Please look carefully at the places where I made thick. The website writes the numbers manually. So the data that should be written there does not automatically come from a source. In fact, even knowing this is enough to say that it is a scam or Ponzi system.


Now, let’s check payments..

When I look at this website, I don’t see longevity. For example, batch codes of payments are hidden. They do not share any follow-up links. Maybe they pay, maybe they don’t. But owners of such websites often close immediately when they see the facts.




Let’s check the address details.

They are working with Regus company like other scam websites. Regus is renting the office as monthly or for a short time for a cheaper price. They are providing the service who has the office under their membership as follows the posts, phones, fax, etc. But of course, This stuff is working in Regus company, not in this website company.  You can see here of address details. But everything is quite on paper. I invite the British state to become aware of the issue.

Another example; https://vetualmining.com/ address says they founded on 2019 but their address opened on April/2020 .. 

I only wanted to show some examples to you. And now i can make of my list for the show to spam list for you.

2-) Be Carefully About Hyip Checker Websites. They Run Ads.

I won’t give some address to you. But please be careful about them. Because they are getting the money and funds from this HYIP companies for ads. Please don’t get to understand. I can’t say as “these websites are fake”. i only say make double control of these HYIP websites. Because all websites say “we are old”, “we have company in the UK” , “We have an office” , “Seems quality websites” .. Those are their mutual points.


3-) Scam List

 I will update this list all the time and you can help me always for updates of this list.


Website Name Remark
https://bileforex.com Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://vetualmining.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://dashcoininvest.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://boostfundfx.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
http://globalcrypto.uk/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://getanysite.com/ This website is helping for make HYIP Websites , Not scam but we don’t know background.
https://cryptocloudltd.net/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://bluemagic.cloud/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://crypto-emirate.ltd/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
http://coins-farms.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://coinpay3x.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://coinalon.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
http://andro-gold.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://comextrades.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime
https://exbonds.com/ Totally Scam.. Don’t Invest anytime

If these website owners think I am wrong, I can remove their names if they send me proofs. This article will be constantly updated for you. 

Hope to see you in the next article;

Updated: 15/10/2020



Banner Image Source: https://zycrypto.com/

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  1. Meko55 24 Ağustos 2020 at 10:32

    Thanks Ali for your information.
    See you soon

    1. admin - Site Author 15 Ekim 2020 at 11:16

      Hello Meko.

      All the websites are totaly scam.. Please be carefull!

  2. Felix 15 Ekim 2020 at 07:51

    Hello, comextrade is not paying. I have a pending withdraw from 3 weeks. Thank you so much for share you´´´´´’re strategies with us.

    1. admin - Site Author 15 Ekim 2020 at 11:15

      Hello Felix;

      I’ve edit of my article..
      Thanks for your information.


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